May 19, 2006

EU censorship

Remember the twat Blair trying to use the EU as a democracy bypass mechanism to get his ID Cards scheme? Well they are perfectly capable of producing crappy, authoritarian, free speech attacking regulations of their own. They want to censor the internet, hasn't anyone told the fuckers that it won't work? Of course according to them it is not trying to shaft free speech, it is for our protection. Think of the children!

There is one, small, concession whether something is acceptable or not will be judged by the country that it is produced in. Not much of a concession with New Labour around and itching to attack some more liberties. Since Parliament cannot stop EU legislation once it has been decided, even if they wanted to (which they won't), you can expect New Labour to take this as a golden opportunity to get all in as much censorship as they can, while shifting the blame onto Brussels. When this comes out of Whitehall the bureaucunts will have more lead plating on it than the roof of a fucking cathedral.

So I just thought I should get all my swearing in now before the badger banging shit munchers try to ban it.


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